We often hear amazing stories of people’s experiences which inspire us to continue this work.  We wish we could share all of them!   Here are some of the feedback we’ve received in writing…
If you’d like to leave a testimonial of your gonging experience, please use the comments section below or email as at healinghertz@gmail.com

[re private treatments]  “Dear Anna & Steve, it’s been emotional, awakening, and confronting. We want to thank you for your time, energy and love through our journey. We know there is a lot of work ahead but we feel supported and connected to the best resource we could of asked for. Being in your energy has been such a magical journey”
… Mia & Nat, Melbourne

“ I wanted to thank both you and Steve for doing what you do… I am not a big supporter of being stressed but over the last 2 months I reckon I have hit rock bottom in terms of energy. I had not realised just how much tension I was carrying in my body until having been to your sound bath. After that session I got home and I truly felt that the tension I had in my body and mind simply melted away and my whole body just felt relieved from toxins that were weighing it down. Love you soo much and thank you again for being a massive part of my life and well being. “
… Linda, Melbourne VIC

” Dear Steve and Anna, I was present at last Saturday night’s Melbourne Sound Bath, and was utterly amazed at the effect it had on me. It is now Tuesday morning, and I am still feeling the effects. I have definitely been more emotional since then; negative occurrences that I would normally shrug off have had much greater, immediate impact on me (where as normally it takes a while for things to sink in). And positively as well; I have felt overwhelming love for all my favorite events/people in my life, and a powerful urge to tell everyone how I feel. Such powerful love that I find myself in tears of happiness periodically throughout the day. Also, a huge thing for me; I suddenly realised last night that I now have the power to completely control a certain part of my mind that sometimes gives me grief. This was just astonishing for me; I have never been able to control this trigger in the past. Coincidence? I really don’t think so. I also now find it much easier to fall almost immediately into a meditative state, as opposed to my usual meditation experiences, where I have to work hard to stop the mind chatter, especially at the end of the day. I hope I can keep that up! I loved the chanting of the sacred vowels, I especially loved the Eeeeeeee for the Sahasrara chakra; amazing how you can actually feel the vibrations in each part of your body. I had some amazing, just beautiful visualizations on the night; it really was just out of this world. I had a strong sense of connection with some of my past lives. And astounding physical reactions also. I really can’t thank you enough. I’ll be there next time you come to Melbourne, oh yes. Much love x x x “
… Meredith, Melbourne VIC

“ Aloha Anna, Thank you sooo sooo much for sharing yours & Steve’s extraordinary talents! such a blessing to have connected via Toni that night a few years ago now! for me it only gets better & better with so much understanding as well! & i feel totally spoilt too- when Steve shares more stuff like “here stand in front of this [my now favorite] gong” & gongs me again! ha!ha!ha! Thank you too for the Sacred Geometric Shape that you gave me to put under my head! Boom! ha!ha!ha! All is well! felt moved, shaped into Sacred Geometric shapes, Fractured into smithereens of shards like glass, then put back together again into more Sacred Geometric shapes! the Visuals & Sensations were extraordinary! woke up energised this morning then crashed in the afternoon to then reform with Joy after a meditation & some artwork! I am soooo Grateful for the support & healing assistance i am given so generously by the both of you! Love Light Safe Travel & Spirit with you both Always XXX “
… Brigitte, Albury-Wodonga

“ Still riding on a high after the most amazing sound bath meditation…lots of baggage let go and many lessons learnt. It was SO much more than I had anticipated!! One of the most powerful and transformational meditations I have done. I had the deepest, sleep and woke up early totally re-energized and still buzzing! Loving life! Xx “
… Rebecca, Frankston VIC

“ I wanted to say thank you for the intense and magical journey last night. I not sure where i went…but it was deep. The sounds penetrated to every corner of my body – every level. Lots of cathartic releases, shakes, intense energy bursts. Felt pretty smashed and exhausted afterwards and slept for about 10 hrs. Today – i woke to everything being so still and so quiet. Truely beautiful gift that you guys share. ALSO – during the meditation, the sounds we repeated in connection to the chakras… I’ve only ever heard of the bija mantras (LAM….etc) but the ones we used last night were powerful at connecting and stilling. Thank you. “
… Emily, Sydney NSW

” It was truly an amazing evening and the clearing process was still working over the weekend, thank you again.. namaste xx “
… Amanda, Sydney NSW

” Wow, an incredible journey into past-lives, inter-dimensional travel and deep release of karmic imprints, fear and dense energy, as well as bringing insight and understanding. A profound and deeply transformational experience! “
… Leisha, Byron Bay

“ Hi, I participated in a sound bath in Newcastle just before Christmas. I had no expectations, and the session was nice and relaxing. The effect I felt the following day was awesome, it just blew me away, and I am keen to participate next time and bring my children. ”
… Bente, Newcastle NSW

” I got to the ‘In the Presence of Gongs’ event in Brisbane tonight. Steve & Anna put on an amazing experience. Wow! No. Wow Wow! The reason for their business being ‘Now Wow’ quickly becomes apparent. The creation that comes from their gongs and crystal bowls and other instruments are amazing and the sound reverberated through every cell in my body. It was stunning and I feel deeply peaceful now and ready for a blissful sleep. I will not miss Stephen and Anna any time they are in Brisbane. I can highly recommend the experience. “
… Ura, Brisbane QLD

” I was blessed enough to receive one of your incredible healings on Monday 1st Oct at Temple Byron. I have felt lots of shifts and changes already, as well as having extremely powerful (and horrific dreams!) after your session. It has been of great benefit to me. Thank you.”
… Bel, Byron Bay NSW

” Cathartic, Intense, Exhilirating…. Amazing experience ”
… Tanja, Coolum QLD

“ Just wanted to let u know that my cold improved straight away after the sound bath with you, my sinusitis was gone, no sleepless night because of a blocked nose and sinuses anymore, it was wonderful! And I had the feeling that the swelling around my knee improved as well. Thanks for vibrating the illness out of my body! =D “
… Maren, Byron Bay NSW

“ An absolutely unique, amazingly and awesome experience! To live life to the fullest I believe we should do our best to experience all our senses possibilities.., the feeling of the softest warm bed… bilssfull Pure Love, visions that leave you breathless, tastes that tantalize the taste buds or leave you gagging for water, smells that can knock or lift you off your feet…. AND… Now!!! To hear the most amazing sounds of Healing Hertz!!! Everyone should experience this!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! “
… Marie, USA

“ I had the privilege to attend your event last night in Bendigo with my friend and I felt I had to write to you express my admiration. After what has been a dispicable year so far, attending your event has lifted my spirits so much that I feel as if I am still ‘fizzing’. I have been suffering from anxiety and depression quite badly and am on medication for it now, but haven’t felt this good for what seems like a very long time. I can only hope that I can hold on to this sensation for as long as possible! My husband is quite intrigued with what seems to be a transformation in my mood and is looking forward to coming with us if you come to Bendigo again, which we sincerely hope that you do. Once again, thank you for such a great experience…I really feel as if I cannot express my appreciation, and enthusiasm! Your now devoted Groupie”
… Janine, Bendigo VIC

“ Wow what an amazing experience! This was the first time I have experienced sound healing like this. I was taken on a journey through some of my past lives, feeling the vibrational energy of each life… some were extremely intense; from the highest of highs to some very deep lows. In the last couple of days I have been having some very intense dreams as well as releasing of old energies that have risen to the surface. I am excited as to what is around the next corner! “
… Louise, Albury/Wodonga

“ Awesome experience last night. Drove home under the speed limit last night without trying, very rare. Can’t make work today too zonked – however that is good as I run around mostly like a little white rabbit (as I am constantly told). I am awed by this Gong experience. Keep up your powerful work – the ridiculous pace of the world needs a reality check and I got it last night. Thank you so much. “
… Carol, Albury/Wodonga

“ It was a cellular massage alright – not just cellular massage but an internal organ shake up. I was shaking inside out involuntarily as the sound of the gongs crashed onto me like the roaring engines of 2 A380’s flying directly about 5 feet above me in opposite directions and crashing head on on top of me. I had no choice but ride with the waves plastered to the floor. I am not sure what it was supposed to be healing, but right now, 12hrs later, my body feels like the aftermath of a tsunami. Yet the breathing is deep and rhythmic. My body is vibrating inside out still and while going through that experience at one stage it was almost orgasmic. Sound was making love and raping me at the same time. I am not denouncing my experience as good or bad by any means through that description, its just how I felt and I am grateful for that. I would love to have another experience, may be not so powerful but a gentle one, but then I can’t choose what my body needs to come in alignment with my soul, can I. “
… Padma, Albury/Wodonga

” I had just been to a kirtan before attending your sound bath and felt like my brain was mud, but after your event my mind & body felt completely cleared. “
… Justin, Macksville NSW

I want to report a major break thru with alleviation of crippling pain in my right hip since the last session. In fact, immediately after, I found myself sitting crosslegged chatting! I suddenly realised I hadn’t been able to do that comfortably for over a year!!  Thanks guys 🙂 “
… Viviennne, Mt Tamborine QLD

” Thank you for the other sound healing night in Port. I really enjoyed it, very different from anything I have experienced before and it certainly takes you to another dimension, very powerful….. Those gongs are amazing, absolutely love that sound especially when take them very loud, it felt like being in another world to me. “
… Megan, Port Macquarie NSW

” I want to thank you both for a beautifully healing as well as awesome experience with the Soundbath on Sunday evening in Newcastle. For the first time in months I slept all the way through and did not wake up until 9.15am!!!  I have recently been overseas and have been suffering jetlag and have not had that beautiful healing and nurturing sleep as yet. Well, last night was it! So thank you from my heart. I feel very calm and have a feeling that all will be okay! … that everything and everyone is okay! You see I worry about the earth and the goings on in the world; so having this peaceful attitude within me at present is really lovely and enjoyable. It is like a quiet space has opened up within me. “
… Suzi, Newcastle NSW

” Thanks for coming to Albury / Wodonga and for an amazing cleansing, healing evening. As always the universe provided this opportunity at the prefect time and assisted me to release what was ready to go. The vibration was amazing, I really enjoyed the times when it felt like a train was going through me; it was healing and exhilarating and uplifting.
… Shelly, Albury NSW

” The last sound bath was, for me, absolutely mind blowing – I floated where there was no space or time – almost like life between lives, if that makes sense. This is truly powerful and healing. Thanks.”
… Chris, Sandy Beach NSW

”  Just wanted to let you know that last week’s INTENSE sound bath was absolutely AMAZING !!  I felt much more benefit from the intense session than I have from any other sound bath and would LOVE it if you would do more regular session for the regular sound bath attendees.  Really powerful stuff and I felt some amazing shifts both during the session and a few days after.  Can’t wait for the next one !!  Hopefully you received other positive feedback and others that would like to experience a regular intense session. ”
… Amy, Byron Bay NSW

” Last night was amazing.  Loved them really high end sounds you were hitting.  At one stage, I swear, the roof was gone and l was flying in space stars every where.  Right towards the end you hit a note that made me gasp for air as it hit my very soul ( loved it).  Thank you once again. Natasha love it as well. ”
… Matt, Uki NSW

” All I can say is : WOW WOW WOW !    A truly amazing event and you guys were electrifying.  Talk about intense !   Way beyond intense and Im still trying to find where the smashed remaining parts of my old ego ended up so I can give them a proper burial. Ha ha.  I reckon you changed so many egos there last nite by smashing them from ” jibbering sheeples ” to silent , sentient, resonating light beings. You have taken the shower up to a whole new level and I thank you so much.  Still resonating deeply (a day later) and so chilled out. So relaxed that I gave one of my best Hypnosis sessions ever this pm. Client so relaxed she floated out the window!  Thanks again awesome gongers. “
… Dhyan, Mullumbimby NSW

” Thank you for an amazing sound bath last week, I’m still feeling the good vibes… it has cleared so much for me. From the very first session I felt a real shift within, a resonance of Joy and release! These good vibes stay with me throughout my week.  Anna, you have a natural gift with your words and voice, combined with the magical Gongs you both create a sound bath of healing vibrations. Thank you for holding such a sacred space! “
… Alison, Byron Bay NSW

“ Just wanted to say thank very much. It was the most beautiful thing l have felt & heard in a long time. The next day, l happened to walk past a woman doing acupressure toning healing (were she uses the different toning forks in different notes/keys on the meridians and pressure points) so l had a treatment.  After she had finished she looked at me with a perplexed look and said  “ln all my years of doing the toning acupressure l have never had such a health balanced body)   and went on to explain how the forks normally stop vibrating quickly on the different points until they get the point/meridian to the right vibration, yet with me they were all in perfect balance tuned already. Just thought l would share that with you as it was nice and interesting to get feedback on the way the gongs and your use of them had made a proven and  noted change  on  the meridian system and chi in my body.  Thank you once again. “
… Matt, Uki NSW

” Words are not sufficient to explain how the healing affected me… I had been very fragile from an operation that went haywire and left me with a tracheotomy for 7 weeks…I slept better than I ever have and experienced high and huge levels of profound inner peace.  A billion and infinite thank yous to you wonderful dear souls. ”
… Ruth, Kunghur

” Thanks for coming through Coffs & Woolgoolga (a month ago).   The healing experience was truly deep, beautiful in every way, and amazing.   I’m sure it’s no coincidence that since that evening, I feel like I am in a different space, truly peaceful, calm and highly intuitive, and I find myself working at a new and heightened level.   I just wanted to say “thanks”!   …And come back soon!    Sending you love and light.”
… Chris, Sandy Beach NSW

” Thank you for an awesome experience a few weeks ago. Now I’m keen to experience another one and I’ve been spreading the word amongst my friends. Your sound rings true for me – blissful silence and very relaxing…for days. ”
… Elaine, Coffs Harbour NSW

“ I have been indulging… I love being gonged!  The sound literally moves through your body in waves and leaves every cell positively jumping for joy.  The most marvellous part for me is the theta brain wave state I go into by focusing on the sound waves. It is absolutely magical and reliably connects me to an area of deep imagination and magic that has previously slipped in and out of my consciousness – the mythic realm.  Whilst I am lying in the waves of sound, my body weightless, images slip into my awareness, expand and then disappear as though I am in a waking dream. They have included Egyptian kings, strange voices, dark secrets and vast expanses of deep, dark water. Each image has an accompanying vibration that is nothing like the everyday reality I usually experience: they resonate with meaning that I understand with my whole being, not my mind, they connect me to a reality where nothing is literal and everything is mysterious. “
… Polyanna, Byron Bay NSW

That was a fantastic experience on Sunday night!  Such a beautiful space you created and the continuous waves of sound energy were incredible.
… Linda, Port Macquarie

” You guys rock. Incredible event. I’ll see you again tonight.  I’d love to experience the effects of a week’s worth of gong baths xo”
…Danette, Melbourne VIC

” Thanks so much for sharing your passion with the world… it was an AMAZING experience, I love it!!! “
…Mez, Melbourne VIC

” Thanks for the Healing Hertz, blew me away.  I didn’t know what to expect and you did an amazing job, I would definitely go again in a heartbeat.
…Guy, Melbourne VIC

” Pow Wow, what an experience when I was in your gong workshop. Words cannot describe what happened for me, the word magnificent could be close. My heart has never felt so much love and gratitude for who I am, where I am at in the moment of being in the presence of this sacred and powerful energy. I wept tears of joy and gratitude,  I am changed forever. ”
… Bev, Gold Coast QLD

” I drive 2 hours each way to attend your wonderful gongs. Your happy and beautiful spirits help me release the unhealthy vibrations that we all collect on a day-by-day basis. I leave feeling blessed, healed and in tune with myself. It is sort of a drug high without drugs…..hmmm wonderful. I love you two and wish everyone could experience your love, healing and the special gift of giving.  Thank you. ”
… Jack , Kyogle NSW

” THANK YOU for the wonderful gift of the sound healing last Friday evening. I wasn’t in the space for talking and/or being able to express my gratitude properly.  I hadn’t slept through the night for quite a few weeks, and I went home and had a wonderful sleep, after relaxing so deeply.  Both Jamie and I sincerely loved it and look forward to more. ”
… Mia, Byron Shire NSW

“ I was a bit out of it [afterwards]. Although it was Fantastic!!! I really enjoyed it – Very much.
At first the crystal was awesome I felt like there were sickle shaped waves travelling through the room.
Then later (amongst a lot of other things) I had the most amazing experience when the rain maker was bought around (I can only presume that it was held above us and then turned to make the sound) as it was placed over me I felt that all the beads from inside were spiralling down into my chest.  It was the most Awesome sensation. Fantastic!!
Then [at the end] as I had been laying there for sometime and everyone was on the move I thought I best get up. The body couldn’t do it, so I tried again in another 10 min or so and still couldn’t sit up right my body was so heavy and just wanted to stay on the floor and keep on changing.
Thank you for the experience. ”
… Shane, Brisbane QLD

” I had the most wonderful night sleep (after your sound healing). I felt as light as a feather the next morning when I became conscious… thanks. ”
… Di, Byron Bay NSW

“ Just wanted to thank you for such a yummy magical evening. The night was jammed packed with beautiful beings all buzzing together. I’m still buzzing now. ”
… Lulu, Sydney NSW

“ the night was truly an amazing experience. When the gongs and crystal bowls and whatever else was being played were all vibrating at the same time it can feel as if your whole body is suspended in nothing. At times I felt as if I were floating or swirling through a white tunnel. Time disappears completely “
… Hedley, Sydney NSW

“ It is like a oneness experience also it is like sound massaging the inner body. “
… Mackayla, Byron Bay NSW

“ An extraordinary experience — WOW ! The crescendos of sound sent orgasmic waves through my body –causing my body to naturally arch in the air responding to the vibrations “
… Clare, Artist, Byron Bay NSW

“ Your sound healing workshops were really amazing, I felt blessed being able to attend. Thank you! ”
… Mahala, Sydney NSW

“ I felt like I was having an experience of the bardos, it felt like the way the Tibetan Book of the Dead tries to explain how the bardos might sound. “
… Jennifer, Byron Bay NSW

“ The Gong Bath you introduced me too was like coming home after a long & arduous journey, unpacking my suitcase to find that everything had been cleansed, ironed and folded in preparation for the next one. A timely resonance, I am most grateful. “
… Tony Barry, Ocean Shores NSW

Thank you for your interest and time,

Anna & Steve