Our individual life journeys have taken us down many roads …some separate, some together.  Thought we’d share some of our favourite experiences that have touched us in unexpected beautiful, profound and healing ways…

Ananta  :  beautiful meetings in truth, insightful deepenings into self

Creating Love  :  personal growth in conscious relating

Enneagram Institute of Sydney  :  know thy self!

Hoffman Quadrinity Australia :  profoundly transformational on one’s conditioning

International Centre for Holistic Resonance  :  Don Conreaux our gong teacher

Luminaya  :  our other creative passion / project!

Osho  :  an profound teacher of truth & meditation, as well as an amazing meditation resort in Pune, India

Path Of Love  :  a beautiful journey to shed barriers to love

Quiet Cone  :  our inspiration

Sacred Earth  :  beautiful music for inner peace and an open heart

Take Me To Truth  :  a growth path for the ego!

Wholistic Dr Fred Spittel  :  treating the cause … not the symptoms!

We are also proud supporters of …


Life Alignment

Sydney Spiritual Enquirer

Temple Byron, Byron Bay

Byron Bay Astrologer – Varij