We have many years in preparing and delivering training. We have been involved in organisational change for international corporates and have 20+ years providing business services.

These can be applied to sound healing and sound education.

We love to share our passion and if you are looking to get into the sound arena, develop your practice or gain exposure and hands on experience with instruments, we can help.

From a weekend, a few hours anything is possible. We are available at an hourly rate consultancy or can host a sound workshop for you.

We have worked with others to weave sound into their massage practice or have developed a whole experience for them to offer to their clients

We have trained kundalini yoga teachers how to bring gong to their class

We can even write you a meditation and tell you how to mix it with your instrments

Below are some of the areas we may be able to help you with;

Creating a performances, holding a gong bath, considerations and experiences. Marketing and promoting your business. Scripting your intro and more.

Gongs – Getting hand ons, delivering a personal gong session, their history and origins, mallet selection and playing techniques and going care care

The use of voice- Bija Vowels, Mantra, Voice

Bowls – Tibetan and Crystal, Chakra clearing, playing techniques, bowl selection, mallets selection

Tuning Forks – Types, how to apply to the body

Other instruments – Hung, Chimes, Rain Sticks, Ocean Drums

We can also help sourcing some instruments and have many contacts, although generally we do not sell them. Occasionally we on sell some of our own instruments and or people ask us for support to sell theirs.